12-Week R&R (Recharge and Restore) Program

1:1 coaching program to reset your mind and body, free you from hormonal imbalance and feel at home in your body.

Does this sound familiar?

“Experts” dismiss your struggles because your tests came back “normal” – but you still feel like crap and you know something’s just not right.

You’re eating clean, exercising regularly, taking loads of fancy supplements…but it feels like you’re just spinning your wheels, getting nowhere fast.

You’ve been trying to be superwoman …balancing the demands of work, family and life life with taking care of yourself. All it’s done is left you feeling drained, depleted and even disenchanted with everything.

You know that your body can bounce back and that symptoms are just your body’s way of talking to you. You wish someone would just help you understand your body’s language.

You’ve received a boatload of diagnoses and labels, as well as temporary solutions. But this time you want lasting solutions and you want control over those solutions.

You’ve tried addressing things at the superficial level, working just on the symptoms. But you’re not getting any concrete results and you’re ready to work on the root cause.

You’re tired of feeling like a stranger in your own body or feeling like you’re a hostage to your diagnosis. You’re ready to break free, to blossom and thrive.

You understand that thriving health is your birthright. You also understand that each person’s body is unique. Therefore you’re willing to explore new possibilities when it comes to food, lifestyle and the mind-body connection.

Wherever you go, you take yourself with you. Therefore wherever you go, whatever experience you’re having and whatever you’re feeling, your hormones are right there with you.

Our hormones are constantly adapting and fluctuating in response to the food we feed the body and the thoughts we feed our mind. That’s why:

> cortisol goes up when we’re in an environment that stress us out, when we’re low on nutrients or when we eat pro-inflammatory foods.

> dopamine is released when we have a pleasurable or enjoyable experience.

> oxytocin levels kick up when we meet our newborn for the first time or fall in love with our partner.

> increased cortisol production puts the body in survival mode, leading the ovaries to make more testosterone (for fight-or-flight) and less estrogen.

These fluctuations are natural and necessary for survival in the short-term. However, if we’re stuck in survival for months, years or decades, then our energy and subsequently, our hormones, can also become stuck.

Harmonizing your hormones starts with recognizing that you are a multi-dimensional being. You have a unique health history, along with a unique set of experiences, thoughts, feelings and habits that have brought you this far.

And guess what? You have the ability to upgrade to a healthier, more balanced and more joyful you, simply by opening yourself up to new possibilities, new ways of perceiving yourself and new ways of perceiving life.

When you open yourself up to new possibilities you’re giving your hormones, energy and entire body the opportunity to also respond in a new way. A new way that leads to more harmony and joy.


In Sync With Your True Nature

You will get a deeper understanding of the natural fluctuations that occur in your body each month. We will dive into how this affects your creativity, sleep, mood, energy, food choices and more. This process will free you from being at the mercy of your body. Instead, you will form a true partnership with your body, as you learn to feel into what it needs at any given moment.

Awareness & Peace of Mind

Your internal environment (which is made of chemicals like hormones and neurotransmitters) is affected by your thoughts, self-talk and perception. You will develop skills to help you observe subconscious habits and patterns…and you can keep those that serve, while discarding those that don’t. We will work together on rewiring your mind to a new way of seeing things, which will ultimately create an internal environment that is balanced and conducive to true health.

Carve Out Your Own Path

Symptoms are the body’s way of communicating with us. So, rather than try to suppress or ignore them, we will accept them for what they are, and then work together to understand what message those symptoms are presenting. As you start to “speak” the body’s language, you will gain the confidence you need to take the next step that makes sense for you – whether it’s related to diet, lifestyle or mind-body work.

Additional perks that come with this program:


Private Coaching

You no longer have to struggle alone. You have an ally, guide and cheerleader that you can lean on. We will start off with 1 video call every week for the first six weeks and then 1 video call every other week for the remaining 6 weeks.


Custom Recipes and Meal Planning Support

Whether you want to use your existing recipes or you’re looking for a fresh set of recipes, we’ll work together on cultivating eating habits that support your health and that fit into your lifestyle.


Assistance with herbs and supplements

We’ll explore herbs and supplements so that you can understand their role and where to start.



estrogen dominance.






Menstrual imbalances: cramps, heavy flow, irregular or missing periods.

Join today to experience more wholeness and balance in your life.


1 private coaching call every week for the first six weeks; 1 call every other week for the remaining six weeks.


learn to synchronize your diet and lifestyle with your menstrual cycle.


let go of old habits and thought patterns; embrace new ones that serve your true nature.


understand the body's language and learn to identify what it needs at any given time


develop a stronger mind-body connection so that you can carve out your own path to health and happiness.


understand the role of herbs, supplements and other alternative therapies so that you can make the best choice for you.

TOTAL INVESTMENT: $1997 (or 3 payments of  $667)


Coaching Program - FULL PAYMENT

ENROLL WITH PAYMENT PLAN: 3 Payments of $667

Coaching Program - PAYMENT PLAN

This is private coaching program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. The information contained on this page is for informational purposes. Always consult with your doctor before starting this program, or before making any changes as a result of this program. All sales are final and non-refundable.