germaine from live well zone

Hi there! I’m Germaine and welcome to Live Well Zone, a hormone balance and self care resource for women!

I’m a health coach, certified yoga teacher, DIY-er (love to make my own soap), global citizen, writer, and the resident geek here at Live Well Zone!

From the time I was a child growing up in West Africa, I was always fascinated by the simplicity and beauty of herbs, food, meditation and everything we associate with “natural or healthy living.”

As the years went by I had the opportunity to live in France (where I completed my yoga teacher training) and the U.S, while also visiting countries like Costa Rica, Portugal, Morocco and Italy.

These experiences taught me a lot about what “healthy” looks like around the world and led to the creation of this blog.

This is a place where you can access educational information on food, herbs, meditation and everything else that will support you in living a luscious and delicious life!

xo, Germaine.

My Education and Training

  • Graduate of the Health Coach program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher training via Ecole de Yoga Marais.
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.
  • Additional undergraduate and graduate coursework:
    • Organic chemistry.
    • Biology (Energy Transformation & Development).
    • Introduction to Human Physiology.
    • Fundamentals of Human Nutrition.
    • General Psychology.
    • Global Nutrition Issues.
    • Introduction to Biological Chemistry.
    • Research Principles and Techniques.
    • Independent Study.

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