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5 Essential Diet and Lifestyle Tips For Natural Hormone Balance

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1. Mindset First

Taking charge of your hormones begins with self-compassion and an unwavering commitment to yourself. Your commitment has to be unwavering because even your loved ones may not always agree with the appraoch you’re taking.

The outside world will constantly try to convince you that your body is just “complicated,” or “you should just find ways to cope” or “take this pill and just suppress the symptoms.”

Your ability to stay focused and to love yourself unconditionally through the tough days is what will ultimately get you to the life and healthy body that you deserve.

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2. Consume More Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Anti-inflammatory foods are simply whole foods. Choose any that you enjoy and commit to consuming them more regularly.

It helps to focus more on plant foods because they are more nutrient dense (i.e. more variety of nutrients) and more anti-inflammatory.

That said, you do not have to be vegetarian or vegan in order to support your hormones naturally.

Simply find a healthy balance between plants and clean meats.

To get an overview of what to include in your diet use this hormone-balancing diet plan.

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3. Priotize “Higher Self” Care

Are you playing small? Have you convinced yourself that your needs, desires and wants don’t matter? Have you been putting up with people, activities or negative self-talk that doesn’t serve you?

All of those things add stress to your life and can put you in a state of fight-or-flight (hello inflammation!).

So, it might be time to start nourishing yourself at a deeper level and working towards living a life that is aligned with your higher self.

Basically it’s time to live from the space of your higher self!

This article on how to start a self-care routine has some basic ideas you can use to start nurturing yourself more.

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4. Supplement Wisely

Herbs and supplements are incredibly powerful gifts from mother nature.

But remember that you cannot out-supplement a poor diet, an unhealthy lifestyle or a mindset that is holding you back.

To get the most from supplements, you must use them the way they’re intended: as an add-on or support for your diet.

Being clear on this aspect will save you from a lot of frustration and also save you from wasting time (and money) on too many unnecessary quick fixes.

Because quality matters much more than quantity, I’ve compiled this list of 5 supplements for female hormonal imbalance that you can choose from (based on your needs).

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5. Do More Low Intensity Workouts

Exercise is a great tool for releasing feel-good hormones, clearing your mind and maintaining overall health.

However, exercise that is too strenuous can actually create more stress in the body, leaving you depleted.

So, as you work on regulating your hormones, it’s essential that you listen to your body and adapt your workout routines to your daily needs.

To figure out the type of exercise that makes sense for you, use this guide on exercise for hormone balance.

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